Welcome to the 61st annual
San Antonio Folk Dance Festival (March 15-17, 2019)
and Fun Arts Day!

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Workshop costs

Full workshop
(includes teaching sessions, dance parties, tickets to the concerts, and the Henry Lash Bash lunch on Sunday)
$100 if ordered by February 19
$120 if ordered on February 20 or later
Sandwich lunch on Friday or Saturday
Dance review DVD
60th anniversary commemorative T-shirt
(design here)
Concert ticket for Friday or Saturday concert
(2 are included if you register for the entire workshop)
$15 for adults
$10 for children 12 and under
Free for lap children


Use the Eventbrite links below to register for SAFDF and all the fun events preceding it!

To register for: Use this link:
Eventbrite - 60th Annual San Antonio Folk Dance Festival
Set For Spring
Eventbrite - Set For Spring
Canary Island dance workshop
Eventbrite - Canary Island dance workshop
Eventbrite - Luau

Nelda Drury Scholarships

SAFDF has established a scholarship fund named after Nelda Guerrero Drury, the founder and "patron saint" of the festival. Nelda Drury Scholarships are awarded to individuals to attend and actively participate in SAFDF. They are intended to encourage attendance by new dancers and by dancers who have demonstrated potential to benefit their local folk dance group through what they learn at SAFDF.

General information about these scholarships:

To apply for this scholarship, download and complete the application form and mail it by March 1, 2018. We will notify you by March 8 whether you have received the scholarship.


Dorm rooms!

OLLU granted SAFDF several rooms in nearby student dormitories for the festival week. These dorms are empty except for SAFDF participants (due to OLLU's spring break) and are within easy walking distance of the festival, making them a very convenient housing option for festival attendees.

Here are photos of a typical dorm room. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Use this Eventbrite link to register for a dorm room:

Eventbrite - Canary Island dance workshop

Here's what you need to know about renting and staying in them:


A variety of hotels are also available within short driving distance of OLLU. Previous festival participants have stayed at the following hotels and had good feedback on their stay:

These hotels do sometimes fill up fairly quickly. If they do, you can also usually find good hotel deals on kayak.com and booking.com.

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Last updated: February 25, 2018