Welcome to the 59th annual
San Antonio Folk Dance Festival (March 17-19, 2017)
and Fun Arts Day!

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Festival teachers

Ahmet Lüleci (Turkish dances)

Ahmet Luleci, a native of Turkey, is an accomplished choreographer, dance teacher and performer as well as a researcher of Anatolian culture. He is currently the artistic director of the Boston-based Collage Dance Ensemble. Since arriving in North America in 1985, he has taught many Turkish dance workshops and camps throughout the United States as well as Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Holland, England, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Norway, Italy, Spain and Australia. He has set innumerable suites of dances for the stage working with dance organizations around the world.

Miroslav "Bata" Marcetic (Serbian dances)

Bata was a leading performer, soloist and choreographer with the Serbian National Folk Ensemble "Kolo" in Belgrade, Serbia, for seventeen years. He has received numerous awards for his artistic work. Under his artistic direction, many ensembles have won artistic awards. In 2004, in Toronto, Miroslav established his own dance school, Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing, comprising a folk band and more than 350 dancers of all ages. He simultaneously works with the international folk dance community, where he teaches Serbian and East European dances. Bata made his SAFDF debut in 2014 to high acclaim, and we are delighted to welcome him back.

Andy Taylor-Blenis (Scottish, international, and children's dances)

Andy holds a B.F.A. in dance with a minor in social anthropology. She is well versed in modern, jazz, and folk dances of Portuguese, Scottish, French, Hungarian, Armenian, Mexican, and Balkan origins. She holds a teaching certificate Scottish Country Dance and is registered in St. Andrews in Scotland. Andy is also currently artistic director at the Boston branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. This was the first branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society established outside the United Kingdom in 1950. She is also a former performer of the modern dance company Prometheus.

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Last updated: February 18, 2017