Dance with us at Spring Festival!

SAFDF is proud to join forces with Laguna International Dancers to bring you Laguna-San Antonio Spring Festival — or just Spring Festival for short! — on March 12-14, 2021. This virtual event combines Laguna Festival and SAFDF in 2021 for three days of great teachers, live music, and the best fun we can attain without being physically near each other. Please visit our Spring Festival Web site for more info:

Thank you for September 12, 2020!

Thank you so much for the great success of SAFDF’s first virtual Technical Institute and Global Dance Party on September 12! We were delighted to feature:

  • Mihai David and Alexandru David teaching Romanian dances
  • Shirley Johnson playing live music for our dancing enjoyment
  • A dance party featuring the most-beloved dances from 17 different folk dance groups (our villages!)

And an extra-heartfelt thanks to the folks below for their outpouring of generosity! We collected lots of donations that will help us bring you more events like this… and, of course, in-person events when it’s again safe for us to do so. You helped so much to make it possible!

Adony Beniares
Alice R Kazin
Andrew Carnie
Armen Gabrielian
Barbara Bleisch
Becky Deja
Boel Denne-Hinnov
Brenda Nibert
Carol Stern
Cathie Burke
Cecelia Wilkinson
Celsa Sanchez
Charlene Tobin
Chin Yu
Ching-Hui Wu
Chris Broad
Daniela Power
David Nichols
David Parsons
Dawn Pang
Dean Ranger
Dee McCandless
Denes Marton
Diane Baker
Don Slosar
Donna Bing
Edward King
Eileen Hug
Eileen shropshire
Elizabeth Buxton
Ellen Grumer
Emily Clement
Evelyn Behr
Evy Mayer
Frances Prevas
Franklin Houston
Gail Wilson
George Fairbrook
George Underwood
Gerald Accettura
Glynis J Hawley
Hedwig Herrick
Helene Platounoff
Hollis Radin
Holly Plotner
James Kennerly
Jane Lorenzen
Janet Higgs
Janet Moelzer
Jeanne Cate
Jimmy Drury
Joan Furstenberg
Jody Stern
John Lesko
Joyce A Clyde
Joyce Baker
Joyce Lindsey
Judith Donaldson
Julie Urech
Karen Bain
Karen E Edwards
Kathy Molga
Kazumi Matsumoto
Keiko Trenholm
Laura Neece-Baltaro
Laurie Allen
Lenore Frigo
Linda Raybern
Liz Newton
Lydia Hu
Mady Newfield
Maggie Dawes
Marcella Lawson
Margaret Livingston
Margaret Tolbert
Marija Manoilov
Martha Awdziewicz
Mary Irving
Matt Snyderman
Michael Goff
Mike and Betty Russell
Misi Tsurikov
Mona Lisa Montgomery
Nancy Bannister
Naomi Fromstein
Nelson Max
Nicole Byrd
Olivia C Loria
Randi Spiegel
Robert A Hilko
Roberto Bagnoli
RTC Productions, LLC
Ruth Hyde
Sally Jenkins
Sally Martin
Sandra Wodicka
Sarah Lunn
Sharon Cochran
Singular Productions
Siu-Ching Lui
Sophie M Larsen
V E Smith
Vicki Maheu
Virginia Berlin
康明 中島
裕子 小森

Our spirit looks and hopes on!

We missed all of you at SAFDF 2020! Unfortunately, COVID-19 took that away. But it will not ever take away our spirit. We always look ahead to a bright future where we can again share dancing, music, costumes, and camaraderie.

Right now, our biggest goal is to ensure that all of you stay healthy and safe. So we’re not planning any in-person events until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. Until then, you can look forward to more Technical Institutes and other similar fun events — year-round! Please continue to watch this site and your e-mail for announcements about these events.

And if you’re new to SAFDF … this site will show you the beauty of festivals past, and what we can all look forward to after we can be socially close again!

Donate to SAFDF and help keep it going!

You can help keep a wholesome, thriving tradition going!

With your generous financial support, SAFDF can continue to:

  • Bring world-class teachers of ethnic dances to Central Texas for your dancing and educational enjoyment
  • Produce a beautiful concert of folk dance performances enjoyed by thousands of San Antonians and visitors
  • Nurture and invigorate the community of international folk dancers and friends in Central Texas


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