Nelda Drury

Nelda Guerrero Drury

April 23, 1918 - February 21, 2019

Nelda Drury was the founder of SAFDF, a folk dance teacher extraordinaire, and a treasure of the dance community.


Nelda’s inspiration and passion for folk dancing cannot be overstated. A 1995 Ford Salute to Education Award summarizes this contribution nicely:


“Nelda Guerrero-Drury is recognized nationally and locally as one of the most prominent figures in performing arts – specifically International Folk Dance. She is an inspiring individual who has contributed over 40 years of her life teaching folk dance to many students and educators in San Antonio and throughout the world.”
Nelda founded SAFDF in 1958. Through her dedication, artistic vision, inspiration, generosity, mischievousness, and warmth, SAFDF grew into a beloved, internationally-known tradition. She brought the beauty of ethnic dance, music, costumes, and traditions to thousands of people over her colorful lifetime. We honor her legacy by continuing the tradition.


Nelda is survived by her daughter, Elizabeth “Liz” Newton, her son Jimmy Drury, and several grandchildren.



A Salute to Nelda Guerrero Drury (PDF, 4.3 MB), prepared by Liz Newton

Our Nelda (YouTube), prepared by Mona Lisa Montgomery